Red meat

Red meat maid dish recipes from pork, beef to venison.

African Beef Stew With Potatoes And Carrots

Southern African classic, this beef stew with potatoes and carrots is a family favorite. It’s so rich and thick, the beef is PERFECTLY cooked (you could cut it with a spoon) and the potatoes and carrots still have a little bite to them but still tender. It’s freezing here in […]

Easy Wors Stew

This southern African sausage stew aka. wors stew made with a handful of simple ingredients in less than 30 minutes including prep time is bursting with flavors. Tastes great served with this no-yeast bread, pap, yellow rice or these incredible easy fat cakes. A few weeks ago I’ve shared with […]

Sweet And Sour Spare Ribs

These sweet and sour spare ribs made from scratch on the stovetop are juicy, tender, flavorful and easy to follow. Made with pork spare ribs, brown sugar, chicken stock, fish sauce, soy sauce, sunflower oil, ginger root, chili, star anise and black and white vinegar. I made them a couple […]

Wors Stew With Carrots And Potatoes

This classic southern African sausage stew well known as wors stew or wors potjie is absolutely delicious, hearty and so easy to make. Definitely a keeper! Wors stew aka. sausage stew is a popular southern African stew, that’s loved by many Namibians. It’s easy to follow, hearty and only takes […]

World’s BEST Instant Pot Roast Beef And Gravy

Extremely simple, tender and flavorful instant pot beef roast with an amazing gravy out of the juices/ drippings. Made with a few ingredients and minimal effort. Just what you need on a Sunday or any special occasion such as birthday. Another family favorite. This instant pot roast beef is perfectly […]

Potato And Sausage Stew

This loaded potato and sausage stew is surprisingly delicious, calls for simple ingredients and takes just 35 minutes to come together, from start to finish. Makes a perfect weeknight dinner or last minute meal! Potato stew with Vienna sausages is a creamy, hearty, extremely delicious one pot dish that comes […]

Namibian Dried Meat Strips Stew (Eedingu)

Dried meat strips also known as “ombelela yeedingu” in short ”Eedingu” in my vernacular (Oshikwanyama), is a Namibian delicacy. Eedingu is basically meat cut into strips and sun dried, with or without salt/vinegar. It is mainly made from beef, goat, or venison. I grew up in a village in the […]

Authentic Greek Moussaka

An excellent authentic Greek moussaka recipe! It’s insanely delicious, easy to follow and always a HIT! Made up of thinly sliced potato layer at the bottom, followed by fried eggplant layer, fried zucchini layer, a flavorful, rich and thick beef sauce layer, a nicely creamy and thick bechamel sauce layer […]

Momos Nepali

Authentic Nepalese steamed Momos served with sesame – tomato – dip. Made with homemade dumpling wrappers and stuffed with ground meat flavored with fresh coriander and ground cumin. Great as a starter, main dish or snack. About six years ago, after I had completed my master’s degree here in Germany, […]