Month: April 2018

Wild Garlic Stuffed Chicken Roulade

My neighbor, Barbara, brought me wild garlic, a couple of days ago, that she foraged. Wild garlic is a wild-growing part of the allium family which includes chives, leeks, onions and garlic. It’s found in Europe and Northern Asia from the beginning of March to May. The best time to […]

German Roasted Duck and Gravy Recipe

My mother in law, Beate, is an amazing cook. Her roasted duck with gravy sauce is one of my favorite dishes. I recently interviewed her on how she makes it and she revealed me some tips and tricks to achieve a perfect roasted duck and gravy. I’ve made it few […]

Oshingali (Namibisches Vegan Rezept)

Schritt-für-Schritt Oshingali Video Letzten Montag bereitete ich Oshingali zu, da unsere Freunde zu einem namibischen Essen bei uns waren und einer von ihnen Veganer ist. Oshingali ist ein namibisches Essen, das aus dem Norden des Landes stammt und hauptsächlich aus geschälten, schwarz gemusterten Bohnenkernen zubereitet wird. Oshingali ist sehr cremig […]

Apple Tart Recipe

My husband kept talking about my apple tart, since we returned from our one month Namibia vacation. Back then my mum in law had lots of apples from her garden and wanted to have them used up, before they go bad. That’s about 2 months now. So, last week, I […]